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Real estateReal estate
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Our teamOur team
Менеджер: Якимец Вячеслав
Телефон: +380 (98) 536 55 56
Manager: Мамедова Юлия
Менеджер: Жадько Артем
Телефон: +380 (73) 300 03 02
Менеджер: Подобед Игорь
Телефон: +380 (66) 281 26 16
Manager: Кошляк Андрей
Manager: Пятницкий Игорь
Manager: Сак Юрий
Manager: Короп Александр
Менеджер: Винниченко Анна
Телефон: +380 (67) 546 49 19
Manager: Котляренко Ульяна
Manager: Авраменко Владислав
Manager: Дерновий Віталій
About Brick
About BrickAbout Brick

BRICK mission is to build an effective way to win time and finances of the client. Our team of professionals provides clear and comfortable support in realty sphere, taking over all financial, legislative and investment aspects.


The BRICK experts work as a solid living mechanism, so that our clients could confidently invest their time and finances in order to create a meaningful, stable and profitable legacy for future generations.

Real estate expertsReal estate experts
Legal supportLegal support
Saving your timeSaving your time
Kiev, Vozdvizhenskaya str. 25
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MON-FRI:9:00 - 19: 00
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